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Refer to challenging geographic in Samui where the local raw
ingredients or farming have turned to be rare to find, for
CHADA, we have vision on culinary concept which is
“Everyday Dishes to Eatcouture” and render into our mission
by supporting “local” to “global” in all aspects.
Instead of supplying ingredients from other location, we
rather support the major of our ingredients from the local
Our guests will experience from the world’s smallest
flowering plants “wolffia” from Flo Wolffia, certified by
Advanced Green Farm to a real local organic farm in Samui,
The Nature Samui where we supply edible flowers and local
herbs and fish from local fisherman market in Samui that we
use the whole fish for zero-waste environment including with
the innovative local products created by Thai and
International Culinary Arts, Suratthani Rajabhat University.

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