Executive Chef

Jeremy Simeon

25-year experience, my passion and skills have led me from the most prestigious private luxury lodges

in New Zealand  to running the most awarded luxury private island in South-east Asia to my most current business, CHADA Culinary Thailand.

What was cooking for  sheikhs, royalty and  some of the most VIP and high-profile guests from around the globe has shifted into high-end culinary menu development  and support for leading hospitality companies around the globe.



Favourite:                                            Absolutely, larb (minced pork in Thai style)

Inspired food to become a chef:        French

Free time:                                            Swimming, walking in markets, sitting in bar or café on the street

                                                              and watching the world go past.

Dream customer:                                My Father a well-known DJ in his era and passed away since I was younger.

What menu will I cook
for dreamed customer? :
                    CHADA’s East meets West Progressive Thai menu 

When I am in kitchen:                        Cool, calm, collected and a Thai chef by heart and passion

Sous Chef 

Tang [taŋ] a strong taste/flavour. That’s my name describing my passion in food and my cooking style.

I have been a lawyer for 17 years in law firm, global insurance company and Top 10 banking institution with the last position in listed company as Chief Compliance and Legal Officer and brought the diversity project to win the UN award in 2016.

I am now in charge as the CEO (Chief Eating Officer) of CHADA and work with high-end organisations to level up their culinary business to be unique among their competitors.


“CHADA’s expertise is transforming our clients’ visions into a marketable reality.”



Favourite:                                            Fluffy pancake with strawberry jam and lime 

Inspired food to become a chef:        First bite of olive oil and mandarin macaron in Paris

Free time:                                            Diversity & Inclusion volunteer and chat with my LGBTIQ gangster

Dream customer:                                Gordon Ramsey

What menu will I cook
for dreamed customer? :
                   Mangoesteen, queen of fruit, spicy salad 

When I am in kitchen:                       Crazy usually OCD annoying for my boss, Chef Jeremy